The Montessori Group are very excited to announce that ‘The Woods’ nursery will be opening in January 2021 and is situated on the exclusive Woodlands development in Cliffe Woods.

Operating on a full time basis, the brand new purpose built setting aims to provide outstanding care and learning experiences for children aged 6 months to 5 years.

Tel: 01634 907 024



Our unique nursery ‘The Woods’ is prominently housed on the new ‘Woodlands’ development carefully designed and built by the award winning Esquire Developments.

Located in the tranquil setting of Cliffe Woods, we are set prominently in the countryside with woodland and meadows right on our doorstep.

Tel: 01634 907 024





Outdoor play is a crucial aspect of child development and at ‘The Woods’ nursery, we are very fortunate to have plenty of space to support a child’s curiosity and exploration.

Our facilities include dedicated gardens for both Under 2’s and the Over 2’s. We will also be creating a separate Wildlife Garden, to create further learning opportunities for our children. The setting will also benefit from an expansive forest to the rear, creating lots of opportunity for educational and play activities.


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Keycol Setting in Kit’s Coty Setting in Langdon Hills Setting in Leigh Beck Setting in Leigh-on-Sea Setting in Lidsing Setting in Little Thurrock Setting in Longfield Hill Setting in Lords Wood Setting in Low Street Setting in Lower Cox Street Setting in Lower Halstow Setting in Lower Hartlip Setting in Lower Higham Setting in Lower Luddesdown Setting in Lower Rainham Setting in Lower Stoke Setting in Lower Twydall Setting in Lower Upnor Setting in Luddesdown Setting in Lunsford Setting in Meopham Setting in Meopham Green Setting in Mockbeggar Setting in Nash Street Setting in New Barn Setting in New Hythe Setting in North Benfleet Setting in North Halling Setting in Northfleet Setting in Northfleet Green Setting in Orsett Setting in Park Wood Setting in Peters Village Setting in Pitsea Setting in Pratling Street Setting in Priestwood Setting in Priestwood Green Setting in Queenborough Setting in Rainham Setting in Rochester Setting in Round Street Setting in Rushenden Setting in 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